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The Small Bridge of Hrysavgi






The Small Bridge of Hrysavgi car 

In location Giofyria, just before the entrance to the settlement of Hrysavgi, we find the single-arched Mikro Gefyri tis Hrysavgis (Small Bridge of Hrysavgi). It is built on the stream which can be seen on maps as Vathia. It springs from the southern end of Voio which is located in the district of Grevena, near Kalloni. Further down it debouches into Paliomagero and then into Pramoritsa. The bridge used to connect the settlement of Hrysavgi with Koryfi and then Tsotyli. A part of it was covered by the newer bridge that is nearby. In this part was the plaque where the date of construction was inscribed, “July 1795”, which has now been built into the new bridge, so as to be preserved. Under the date there is a stone relief with a cross and a rose. Two “arkades” are still preserved in the bridge. These were oblong stones that were placed perpendicularly and reduced slipperiness, so that animals would not be alarmed.

The one end of the arch is founded on a stone. Its length is 18 meters and its width 2.4 meters. The length of its arch is 10 meters and its maximum height 5.4 meters.

Quite close to the bridge we find the chapel of Agios Nikolaos, built by the famous artisan Braggas. On the one side we see Virgin Mary carrying the Holy Infant, on the other side a hexapterygon and on the face a lion, as a loyal guard. It is said that there also used to be a single-arched bridge built by Vraggas nearby, which, unfortunately is not preserved.


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