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The Bridge of Dotsiko




The Bridge of Dotsiko  car 


The picturesque village of Dotsiko is the most remote of Voio to the southwest, built at the end of Taliaro. Administratively it belongs to Grevena. It is separated by one of Venetikos’ torrents, Dotsikiotis, which descends the slopes of mount Skourtza. Its two banks are linked by a single-arched stone bridge right in the center of the settlement. It is found at an 1,060-meter altitude, quite high compared to the rest of the bridges in the area Voio-Grevena.

Its construction is reported as 1804 by some, and credited to artisans from Epirus, while others claim that local artisans from the village and nearby Kalloni were the actual builders in the 1870s.

Its total length is 24 meters, its height 4 and its width 2.4 meters. It has “arkades” and it is heavy and stable, allowing even automobiles to cross it. As it has been connecting the village’s two districts for all these years, in 1990 it was declared a Listed Monument by the Ministry of Culture.


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