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Petrogefyro a 


As we descend the stream of Pramoritsa, right after the bridge of Tsouka we find Petrogefyro. It is built on Lasporrema, near its connection to the river. It used to connect the settlements of Morfi and Triada, as well as many Kastanohoria with Tsotyli.

The date of its construction has not been determined,  but is estimated at around 1810. Legend has it that a widow from Morfi along with her orphans, Petros and Galano, set out in 1650 from Vienna to claim their deceased father’s fortune. While crossing the stream, which was flooded at the time, Petros was drowned. His mother later funded the construction of the bridge and named it Petrogefyro (Bridge of Petros) in his honor. Another version has it that the bridge was really named after the son of a local from Dilofos, who returned from Constaninople. The fact that there are various versions of the legend show that there may actually be some historical basis.

The bridge consists of an arch slightly higher than the two on its side but almost identical in length. Its height is relatively small, around 4.5 meters, but its length is more than 30, as in this spot the river bed is quite wide.

Despite its elegant form, the bridge was not particularly durable as apart from its arches the rest was constructed with rough stones without a binder. Thus, time as well as gold-diggers caused considerable wear. It had to undergo repairs in 1965 and in 1994.

To visit the bridge one has to follow a 30΄ path either from Morfi or Triada. Just before the end of the route from Triada, there is an ideal spot to view the bridge and the valley of Pramoritsa from above. Petrogefyro is also the last station of the great path The Journey of River Pramoritsa. In this spot, the river bed is actually quite smooth, so it is worth a visit.

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