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Group performance for a safe mountain hike


1.Gather as many as possible data for the route you will follow.
2.All together decide and agree for the length and the duration of the route.
3.Perform the way and the time of return precisely.
4.Never start hiking alone and never be far from the rest group.
5.Consider the weather forecast, as the weather on Pindos peaks is extremely uncertain.
6.If you are not familiar with the area, ask for the assistance of a Mountain Guide.
7.Take care of taking with you mobile phones and, if is possible a GPS.
8.Inform your family and/ or friends about the exact route you are going to follow.
9.Be sure that you have excellent physical ability.
10.Be supplied with clothes and shoes and arrange them carefully in you bag, which should not be heavy or overhangs.
11.Take care of your water supply.
12.Be supplied with the appropriate maps.
13.Do not continue hiking in difficult paths if you don’t feel able or safe to do it.
14.Make sure that you have a medicine box.
15.Move slow and carefully.
16.Save your power and do not press yourself.
17.Be informed about useful telephone numbers that you may need (qualified services)
18. Do not forget to protect the environment and the nature, in general.

Pindos is difficult, however is beautiful and will always be there to welcome us the next time…...

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