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The Bridge of Krimini






The Bridge of Krimini car 


The bridge of Krimini was built in 1802 on river Pramoritsa. It was constructed to connect Krimini with Louvri and Tsotyli, and continues to do so for over 210 years. The asphalted road goes over it and connects Tsotyli and Krimini 2 km before the village.

It is five-arched, but its last and smallest arch has been covered by the river’s sedimentations and is not visible. Its big arch, at the center of which there was a stone with the inscribed date of its construction, was blasted on September 3rd 1947 and was since replaced with a cement slab.

Here, the river is mild and its width is significantly increased. Thus, the bridge stretches for some 45 meters in length. Its width is 3.7 meters, a little larger that in used to, due to the cement slab that covered it. The length of its largest arch is 6.8 meters. The rest of the arches are progressively smaller as we approach the river banks.

The project was funded by Krimini’s priest Papastergios and his wife. Building a river was considered sacred in those times. This is why the village’s teacher N. Moumos had taught his pupils to chant every night in gratitude on the church’s narthex: God, forgive and rest the souls of priest Papastergios and his wife.


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