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The Bridge of Nteris






The Bridge of Nteris a 


The double-arched bridge of Nteris is the first stone bridge that river Pramoritsa meets. It was constructed to connect Pentalofos with Agia Sotira and Tsotyli. Today, the bridge is a station of the great path The Journey of River Pramoritsa. It is visitable, ether from Kato Pentalofos in 45 minutes, following the signs, or from the national road after the junction of Dilofos, where the cobblestone path leads to the river in just five minutes.

Unfortunately, the date of its construction is not known, neither are the names of the people who built it or funded it. It owes its name to a local from Pentalofos named Nteris, who operated a watermill nearby.

In the 60s, in one of the river’s floods, the smallest arch was swept away but was restored in 2006 by the Community of Pentalofos. During the restoration project, the old cobblestone path that led there from both sides was discovered. A small area of recreation was also developed and now visitors can feast their eyes on the two small waterfalls that are further down, the one of the stream the descends from Pentalofos and the one of the sluice of Titoros, that used to feed the mill with water, in what is one of Voio’s most exquisite spots.

Further down, after the chapel of Agia Varvara there is another stone bridge named Gefyri tou Fylakti (Bridge of Fylakti). According to locals, it is a rare specimen of the architecture of the old artisans of Zoupani but was blown up by men of the Democratic Army during the Civil War. Today, in this spot Pramoritsa can be crossed by a cemented bridge, which links the old road and the path. From the old bridge, only fragments of its foundations remain.

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