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The Voio footpaths

monopatia_voioy_new Voio Path Network’ Askio Path Nerwork’ Skalohori - Geopark Siatista - Monastery of Panagia Mikrokastrou    
"The paths long to be trekked …"

In Voio we find the largest network of signaled routes in Greece. It includes from large mountaineering paths up the mountains’ peaks to short treks around villages and stone bridges, with a total length of 185 kilometers. Of those, a network of paths 120 km long is in mount Voio and the second, 65 km long in mount Askio. More specifically, the area of Pentalofos is perhaps the only one in Greece where 9 settlements are connected with their old paths as well. Separate destinations are the crossing of the Park of the Fossilized Forest in Skalohori and the Path of the Horsemen in Siatista. There are also many routes that have not been signaled, offering opportunities for exploration.

The special geographical characteristics of the soil and the high number of settlements have resulted in the development of a labyrinthine network of paths that used to facilitate communication and transport. Apart from travelers, animals and commodities would also circulate through these paths and this had as a consequence a width of impressive proportions at certain spots. Their significance was such, that inhabitants of nearby villages were forced to abandon their personal chores and clean up the paths, build benches and repair cobblestones where access was difficult. Several of these structures are preserved to this day, and pose great architectural interest. Apart from their obvious cultural value, many of the paths traverse areas of high aesthetic and ecological interest; as a result, the most impressive of them have been signaled and are visitable.

The path’s network have been thus constructed to satisfy everyone from the simple trekker to the mountaineering connoisseur, while it offers the perfect occasion for a visit to Voio and an acquaintance with local architecture, cuisine and people as well as its rich history.


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