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River Pramoritsa and its Waterfalls


River Pramoritsa and its Waterfalls


Pramoritsa is the second (after Venetikos) biggest influent of Aliakmonas and one of Greece’s most beautiful streams. The area’s vast variety of geomorphic characteristics create a winding mountainous river of exquisite beauty. From the Monastery of Agia Triada until the villages of Tsotyli, it has carved the large sarsens creating a spectacular valley. For hundreds of years, its route from the heart of Voio down to the lowlands has eroded the mountains to a great degree, creating steep river beds full of cliffs and dense forests. Its springs are located high in Ailias and Paliokrimini. The basin from which it gathers its water is large and complex. The streams that are deposited here are dozens and as a result, after it is united with Paliomagero, a rich and wide river is created. This large basin is also the reason of its behavior. It can be quite violent, especially after heavy rainfall or an abrupt meltdown of snow, as its small streams cannot withhold the volume of water that comes rushing down. Between the late summer and the early Autumn, many of them dry out and the river essentially disappears, but in the Summer and Spring it regains its vigor. This is the ideal period to admire its hidden treasures, the waterfalls.

The Neraidokatarraktis (Waterfall of Fairies) of Hrapa and the Trapezoeidis Katarraktis (Trapezoid Waterfall) of Gagamita are very close to the forest road which intersects with the provincial road that connects Vythos with Avgerinos right after the new bridge of Pramoritsa. They were discovered only recently and are just 5 minutes from the forest road, following the signaled route. The waterfall of Gagamitas appears first, just before the drinking fountain bearing the same name. It is just 2 meters high, its width is big, however, as is the volume of its water. The vegetation and rocks around it create a scenery that can only be found in tropical rivers.

Following the lower continuation of the dirt road by the river and some kilometers further, we find the waterfalls of Hrapa, well hidden after the cemented road. The water falls almost vertically from a height of 8 meters, having carved around it a landscape straight out of a fairytale. The broader area, surrounded by beeches and firs, is called Kalogritsa. Here, one of the Palaiohoria of Vythos and Avgerinos used to be located, before it was raided. At about 30 meters past the river, if one leaves the road and walks uphill for about 10 minutes to the left, he comes across the touching sight of the ruins and the demolished houses.

Along the path The Journey of River Pramoritsa, other, smaller waterfalls can be seen. Initially, the route leads to the waterfall of the sluice of Agios Polykarpos at Vythos and then to the waterfalls of the river of Nteri at Pentalofos. Way lower, beyond the path and below the park of Vouhorina, there is the waterfall of the big sluice, which is visitable if one walks for 5 minutes along the cemented road by the national road, near the turn to villages Koryfi and Hrysavgi.


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