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The Small Bridges of Vythos




The Small Bridges of Vythos a 

In Vythos, three stone single-arched bridges are preserved, which can be found in the village’s circumference and are stations of the great path The Journey of River Pramoritsa. The first and smallest is called Gefyri tis Lenos and it used to connect the upper and lower districts through the chestnut forest of Manouka. It bridges the stream right after Epano Vythos (Upper Vythos).

The second bridge is a little bigger and can be found in Kato Vythos (Lower Vythos), as we descend from the village’s cemetery, or from the opposite side, from the houses that are built within the gulch. It connects the two sides of the stream of Karaouli, which often becomes precipitate during winter and spring. It is known as Gefyraki tou Koukotsili (Small Bridge of Koukotsilis), named after the owner of the residence nearby. It used to serve mainly the inhabitants of Epano Vythos in their transports to Pentalofos and the fields they preserved near the stream.

In Kato Vythos, in the next stream we find the largest of the three bridges, which used to serve the daily needs of transport of all inhabitants from and to Pentalofos. It is located in the village’s entrance, a few meters from the drinking fountain “vrysi me ta dyo solnaria” or “vrysi Mpnari”. This is why it is called Gefyri Mpnari or Gefyri Vythos (Bridge Mpnari or Bridge Vythos). The river bed of the stream that descends from the chestnut forest of Sioutsi is wider, and as a result the bridge’s arch is also larger. The cleaning and maintenance works that were carried out have effectively brought out the beauty of this picturesque little bridge.

The three bridges can be visited together, if one follows the circumferential route of Vythos that begins and ends in the central square. According to locals, there used to be other, even larger bridges inside the village, which were demolished, however, as the new roads were being constructed.

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