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The Bridge of Velanidia




The Bridge of Velanidia car 


The stone bridge of Velanidia can be found South of village Velanidia at location Mpistiries, along the old road to Tsotyli, among oak forests. It connects the sides of a small stream of Aliakmonas. A dirt road just outside the village leads to it.

It is single-arched, 9 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and 5.6 meters high. The date of its construction is unknown. It is a bridge not well known to most people, even locals. It has undergone considerable wear during the years, as it is also used by vehicles, but it is still in good condition and can be saved, as it poses great architectural interest as far as its staticity is concerned. Apart from its arch, the rest of the bridge is composed of raw stones without binder. Local stone has been used, so it has a characteristic light red shade. The lush vegetation of the area often covers it, making it inconspicuous.


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