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Ecology of Voio


Ecology of Voio 

Voio is one of the most densely forested areas of Greece. Especially mount Voio is covered by forests by up to 80%. Large areas of black pines, beeches, Macedonian firs, oak trees and chestnuts cover the valleys and mountain slopes, while inside and around villages there are many walnuts, cedars, hazels, cornels, quinces, apple-trees, willows, cherries, pears, poplars and almond trees. Native wildflowers can also be found, such as Lamiropsis carpinii Greuter and a multitude of rare species, such as anemones, orchids, wild saffron, tea and orchis. This rich plethora of flowers is also home to many and rare insects.

Voio is also known for its mushrooms, with the most dominant species being kalogerakia (Boletus aereus), vasilika (Boletus edulis), kokkinouskes (Amanita caesarea), zarkadisia (Macrolepiota procera), and proveia (Agaricus campestris) while truffles can also be found.

The ecological value of the area and its natural continuation with the mountain chain of Pindos renders it a significant biotope for all large, wild mammals that are found in the Greek vicinity, such as wolves, foxes, squirrels, deer, wild boars, wildcats, hares and the brown bear. Voio is home to large numbers of bears that nest and reproduce here, while even more prefer it for finding their food, due to the multitude and variety of the flora.

In parallel, there is remarkable biodiversity in serpents such as the adder, the asp, the grass-snake, the tree-snake, turtles and rare amphibians, such as the salamander salamandra salamandra, as well as the common and the Triturus alpestris, a native species of Northern Pindos.

The rich ecosystem, with a vast variety of forests, rivers, valleys, rocks and inhabited areas, contributes to the presence of remarkable species of fowl. In total, 97 species of birds are mentioned, among which the carrion, the blackbird, the finch, the robin, the mavis, the goshawk, the sparrow hawk, the owl, the eagle-owl, the war eagle, the hawk, the buzzard, the bullfinch, the Short-toed Snake Eagle, the woodpecker, the hoopoe, the cuckoo, the chickadee, the jay, the stannel, the Crag Martin, the House Martin, the Honey Buzzard, the craw, which is particularly large, the tit, the turtle dove, the carrion craw, the nutcracker and the Black Woodpecker.

In parallel, in the artificial lakes in Sisani, Vythos and Vrahos, new wetlands seem to be formed, as the first aquatic birds begin to appear. In the waters of the rivers and lakes there are also various species of fish, such as the salmon trout, the wells catfish, as well as eels and crayfish.

In mount Voio there are four designated Wildlife Reserves and in Askio a vast area designated as Natura 2000.

The climate is clearly alpine, with very cold winters and brief summers with common rainfalls, which makes it very healthy and ideal for the cure of a series of conditions. The area is one of the lowest in pollution with many springs of high quality.


O my mountains of Pindos, with your many branches, with your large pines and elderly beeches, I have envied your haunts, your shades, your dew.

K. Krystallis



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