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The Artificial Lake of Vythos – A New Wetland


The Artificial Lake of Vythos – A New Wetland

The flow of river Pramoritsa has been blocked by the dam bearing the same name, forming in 2008 the artificial lake of Vythos, which has become a rich biotope of fish and birds, enhancing the area with yet another spectacular landscape. Surrounded by mountains and at an altitude of 870 meters, its maximum depth is 50 meters, it covers and area of 75 acres and its perimeter is 5 kilometers. When the level drops, two islets emerge on the northwest side. Also, from the Eastern side the Wildlife Resort begins, which stretches all the way to the borders of the communities of Avegrinos and Agia Sotira.

The location that is currently covered by its waters was also beautiful. The inhabitants of Vythos used to have their fields and gardens there, which they willingly donated for the common good. Today, the lake supplies water to almost every settlement of the municipality of Voio. Here, where the river would flow abruptly among the steep rocks, the now underwater bridge of Vythos can be found, Zntrougkogefyro, on the path that used to connect the village with Agia Sotira and Avgerinos.

Today, the lake is the area’s trademark. It attracts many excursionists, as well as fishermen, since it has been enriched with various types of fish, including the rainbow trout. It is visitable by car from the side of the dam and by the side of Vythos by car up to a point and then by a brief path, which is part of the large path The Journey of River Pramoritsa and stretches 250 meters right next to the lake. This gives the opportunity for a walk by the crystal clear waters, the half-immersed mill of Karagiannis and the waterfall of Agios Polykarpos, in one of the most lovely locations of Voio. From above, one can admire the impressive scenery via the provincial road that leads from Vythos to the Monastery of Agia Triada and the path that connects Vythos with Avgerinos. Its northwest part penetrates the steep slopes resembling a fiord.



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