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Neapoli and villages, Voio

Beauty and secrets of this area are not demonstrated at a first glance. Thus, Neapoli seems to be one of the indifferent towns of the Macedonian Plain. However, this is not the reality. The place is surrounded by deep valleys, boundless and lush oak forests, and water springs.

In the Municipality of Neapoli the prevailing feature is Aliakmonas, the great Macedonian river, which is the biggest, in length, river of Greece. At the borders of the Municipality, the main stream joins its two most significant affluents; the flexuous Pramoritsa near the Trapezitsa village and the whistle Velos close to the Simantro village. The pictures that rose from these rivers are unique. The river’ s passage from the area of Neapoli declares, at the same time, the drainage of two different river basins; the Voio Mountain at the West and the Askio Mountain at the East. From this point their stature begins to erect; the busky Voio along with its remote villages and the strangely naked Askio.

The entire Municipality consists of 20 small villages, which are mainly agriculture due to the existence of fertile grounds at the river’s depositions. In the Skaloxori area, there are numerous testimonies, as well as, remnants of fossil forests, concerning the geological past, not only for the Voio Mountain but for the entire part of Northern Greece. Around the Asproula and Mesologgos locations, a semi-mountain area begins to rise with the appearance of impressive oak forests, whereas, from Driovouno area Siniatsiko’s slopes abrupt enormously.

The main characteristic of this place is the healthy climate, as it is said that assists the treatment of many affections. The recent improvements of the road axes, through Egnatia, have brought Neapoli really close to Kozani (just 30 minutes) and Kastoria (20 minutes) cities.

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