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The Bridge of Maeri




The Bridge of Maeri car 

The bridge is next to the road leading from Dasyllio (previously known as Maeri) to Kalloni. It connects the banks of the stream of Paliomageros, which descends from Taliaros and forms a deep valley. It served the inhabitants’ needs of transport from Dilofo and Dasyllio to the area of Grevena.

The bridge is technically and aesthetically impressive and was constructed in 1910 in three months by master artisans Nikolaos Mpampalis and Pavlos Mourtzios from Pentalofos. The plan was carried out for no charge by busheler Georgios Tzioufas from Dilofo and funded by Nikolaos Tzamos, also from Dilofo, who, apart from his own share also undertook the collection to raise the remaining funds from the surrounding villages. The construction’s total cost was 75 gold Turkish liras. The agreement that the artisans signed with the old Community of Maeri is still preserved.

The total length of the single-arched bridge is 18 meters, its height 7.5 and the width of its arch is 12.5 meters and its height 3 meters. Behind it there is a small artificial waterfall, making the landscape all the more picturesque.


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