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The Bridge of Anthohori






The Bridge of Anthohori  car 


The bridge of Anthohori is the longest stone bridge of Macedonia, stretching for some 49 meters, while its width is 2.7 meters. It consists of 4 arches, the largest of which is 9 meters high and 15 meters wide. The northern abutment is founded in a rocky and almost vertical slope. The bridge used to connect commercially Grevena with Tsotyli and was a passage for the stocks of Northern Pindos that wintered in Thessaly. Later, it used to be part of the old dirt road that connected the two cities, while the current asphalted road by-passes it right beside it. It is also called Gefyri Tsaknohoriou (Bridge of Tsaknohori, as Anthohori used to be called), as well as Gefyri Pramoritsa.

The precise date of its construction is unknown, but according to records it has been built before 1770. Legend has it that its construction was funded by a wealthy stock farmer. When he attempted to cross the river with his animals and family, a sudden gush drowned his only daughter. The tragic father considered this as a divine sign to punish him for his cupidity, as his property was enormous. At night he dreamed of an angel, who commanded him to build a bridge at the spot of the tragedy.

The river was repaired for the first time in 1937 and again in the 70s, when it was characterized as a Listed Monument. It is 2 km from Anthohori on the way that connects it with Klimataki and abandoned Parohthio.


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