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Local Products


Local Products

Western Voio is famous for its rich production of high quality chestnuts, which is why several of its highland villages, such as Pentalofos, Vythos, Avgerinos, Polykastano, Zoni, Dafni, Damaskinia, Dragasia and Kastanofyto are also known as Kastanohoria (chestnut villages). Local chestnuts are characteristically sweet and are an entirely biological product, since they undergo no process whatsoever. They have a special place in the heart of the locals, because, as the elderly narrate, during the hardships of German occupation they saved people from hunger. They used to be one of the main sources of income. Every family has its own chestnut trees, which have belonged to the family for generations, however this does not mean that there will be any hard feelings if a neighbor or a visitor gathers a few fallen chestnuts from under one of the trees. They are also useful during the autumn as feed for the stock, while wild animals such as the brown bear and the wild boar also feast on it.

Local goat and lamb is also famous for its tastiness, due to the rich flora that the animals feed on, as well as sausages with leek, which are prepared in many villages, such as Tsotyli and Pentalofo, where they are called loukanitses.


The product with a protected designation of origin (PDO) from Voio, is Batzios. It is a traditional brined cheese, semi-hard or hard, which is produced from sheep or goat milk, or a mixture of the two, partially skimmed. It originated a very long time ago by mountain nomads and its name means sheepfold, or cheese made in the sheepforl. It is white or yellow-white, salty, acescent and slightly spicy. Its special flavors and aromas come out when it is fried in oil, when it becomes tastier and more tender. Apart from Batzios, other types of cheese are produced in local cheese factories in Koryfi, Galatini and Dilofos, as well as the famous vlahotyria (vlachs’ cheeses) in Vlasti, such as the well-known manouri.

The wines and leathers of Siatista, Galatini and Eratyra are also famous, and an enormous commercial network has been established to connect them with countries abroad. The visitable wine cellars and fur shops are also abundant in the capital of Voio.


In the semi-mountainous regions, roses and high quality pulses and grains are cultivated, such as lentils and beans, the most famous being the beans of Sisani and the lentils of Vronti.

Clubs of women make tasty sweet preserves with traditional recipes from local products, such as cherries, nuts, pumpkin and figs, while high quality chestnut honey is also produced, as well as honey from other flowers.

The stone of Western Voio is systematically excavated and delivered all over the world, as it is considered an excellent material for building and decorating residences, while the abundant timber from the various forests is also significant as a national product.



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