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Voio - The People


Voio - The People

Most inhabitants are locals, while there are also many Vlachs from Grevena and Epirus. Further down, in the semi-mountainous zone and the valley of Aliakmonas, where Turks used to live, refugees have settled mainly from the area of the Pontus. Relationships among people of Voio have always been amicable and characterized by respect and appreciation for the misfortunes that each has experienced. The abandoned houses are many, as their residents have moved to Kozani, Kastoria, Trikala, Athens or Thessaloniki. Still more are those that have left farther, emigrating to Germany, America, South Africa and Australia, ultimately becoming benefactors for their hometowns.

In previous years, in view of the depopulation and abandonment of their villages, the people of Voio felt in a disadvantageous position, away from big urban centers. Today this mentality has began to change, however, as everybody has began to appreciate the value of clear, highland air, lush vegetation, healthy climate, crystal clear water of the springs, peace and quiet, social solidarity and humanity that are so bounteously offered in this blessed land.

The people of Voio are active, hospitable and cultured, as the area has a tradition in eminent scientists. Many occupations that used to be quite popular are now extinct, such as the farrier, the miller, the saddler and the blacksmith. There are still artisans that can work with the local stone. Cobblestones, bridges, drinking fountains and other stone artifacts are still constructed in today’s Voio. Commerce, municipal services and tourism are also sectors of the economy that thrive.

Benevolent old women remain the heads of families, with impressive perceptivity despite their age. They are the ones that kept their households despite the hardships of the past. They also make sure the old, traditional dishes are still present in the weekly family gathering, such as various kinds of pie, mpatzios (a local cheese) with eggs, milkcheese, cooked meat, drippings, sausages roasted on the woodstove, green stuffed peppers pickle, fried mushrooms, etc. Because of low temperatures, dishes here are heavy and locals are especially fond of fatty meat, red wine and beer.



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