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The Bridge of Svoliani






The Bridge of Svoliani a 


It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and impressive stone bridges in Greece, as far as staticity is concerned. It is only 1.5 km southeast of the settlement of Agia Sotira, on the upper flow of river Pramoritsa. It can be visited either beginning from the village’s center or covering half the distance starting at the national road’s big curve, further down. Walking downhill, 300 meters after the national road, visitors have the choice to abandon the path for a little, to the cliff on their right, where they have the opportunity to admire the view of the river and the valley from above.

The double-arched bridge was built in 1851, after a watermill had been constructed in the same area. A quite large arch is founded on a high rock, giving the impression that the bridge is its natural continuation. Its maximum height reaches 8.5 meters and its length is 26 m. It used to connect Agia Sotira with Dilofos, Dasyllio, Hrysavgi and mount Tsouka, where locals used to have their vegetable gardens and trees.

Its entrance is connected with old cobblestone, which, along with new additions, continues all the way to the settlement. The landscape around the bridge is uniquely complemented by two towering poplars that appear to guard it. It is a station of the big path The Journey of River Pramoritsa, which descends from the area of Pentalofos.

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