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The Bridge of Pelekanos




The Bridge of Pelekanos car 


In the small valley of Pelekanos, the torrent of Aliakmonas called Tou Fasouli i Gourna was an obstruction to the locals’ transports. In order to enable its members to cross it safely, the community of Pelekanos assigned to artisan Nikos Karamalis the construction of a bridge in 1935. The bridge was built 2 km south of the village, following a downhill dirt road after the square.

It is single-arched, 18.5 meters long, 3.1 meters wide and 4.4 meters high, while the length of its arch is 7.5 meters. There is cobblestone on it, while under its arch we find stalactites that have been formed from the mortar’s lime. It is the most recent bridge of this type in western Macedonia and the only old bridge that is preserved today in Eastern Voio, on the foot of mount Askio.





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