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Voio and the Mushroom Madness


Voio and the Mushroom Madness 

Mushrooms, as fungi, belong to a different Kingdom from animals and plants. They have a peculiar behavior and high nutritional value. They thrive when there are conditions of warmth and humidity, rich soil and abundant food from fallen leaves. They can even move a few centimeters in search of a more favorable environment. They exhibit a large variety of shape, size and color and are among the most nutritious, tasty and low-fat foods, rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It has also been proven that they are anticarcinogenic and that they protect the heart. They are not to be uprooted but cut at the stipe, otherwise they fail to reappear.

The land of Voio offers an abundance of dozens of species, either edible or not. We find them in forests and valleys twice a year during early summer and mid-autumn. Their behavior is so unpredictable, however, that at times they may not appear at all or appear at a different, totally inappropriate period, etc. When they are detected and there is word that their quantities are great, mushroom collectors from all over Western Macedonia flood the mountain slopes. They are always accompanied by an expert that can distinguish them, or take it to nearby villages where they are distinguished or cooked on the spot. Well known spots for mushrooms include the forests around Morfi, Koryfi, Vouhorina, Anthousa, Zoni and Vlasti.

The people of Voio, though generous by nature, consider the treat of mushrooms quite significant. Nobody reveals the precise location where mushrooms were found, as they are ranked a high quality product and their gathering an extremely tiresome procedure. Giving it as a treat or a present is a strong token of friendship and appreciation between families. They are not only added in sauces, pies or salads but also fried with olive oil and accompanied with fresh bread and red wine, as a main dish.


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