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Sustainable tourism developement by constructing a footpath network in Kozani prefecture


Area of interest: Voio

Project Coordinator:
University of West Macedonia (Environmental Technology Laboratory)
-Scientific Coordinator: Prof. John Bartzis

Centre for Planning and Economic Research (ΚΕ.PΕ.)
- Scientific coordinator: Dr. Stamatis Zoras
Ecological Movement of Kozani
-Scientific coordinator: Dr. Lazaros Tsikritzis

Project Objectives

In the mountainous bulge of Voio numerous old and newer routes, which are historically recorded exists. Some of them considered as historical roads, other as hiking paths (such as the Journey of Pramoritsa River, the Pentalofos- Kotili route etc.) while other were lost together with the villages that they connected or were abandoned due to the construction of new road networks.

The proposal concerns the effectuation of a number of actions aiming at the development of specific sustainable tourism patterns for the area of Voio, by constructing an organized plan for hiking activities. The main scope of the project is to disseminate the history of this area and to create infrastructures to amplify the ecotourism.

The international footpaths E4 and E6, as well as, the national footpath O3, cross the Voio Mountain and need immediate reconstructions in order not to be disappeared. In cases of abandoned paths, repairing and clearance if possible, will take place. Signs with mountaineering specifications will be placed in order to convert them in hiking paths. The construction and signing of these paths will be upon the specifications that have been assigned by the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing.

The routes that will be recorded and disseminated shall be used as:
α) Hiking – Mountaineering paths.
β) Multi shape routes which will be provided not only for hiking but also for mountainous activities (mountain bike, light sports and animal riding).
γ) Ecological paths with educational character (inventory and signing of the vegetation, the geomorphological and geological characteristics, names and altitudes by labeling the specific view points). These footpaths will be addressed to environmental education activities which will be performed by schools and other educational institutes. Additionally, the most beautiful routes for cars will be evaluated not only the main road networks but also the secondary ones.

The proposed actions aim to:

1.develop an integrated footpath network in the wider area of Voio, which has specific historical, cultural and ecological value.
2.provide support to visitors, with a main scope the better knowledge and safer utilization of the routes.
3.disseminate the network and the area of interest by specific promotion actions

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