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Nature’s Wonders – Footsteps and Human-like Rocks


Nature’s Wonders – Footsteps and Human-like Rocks

In many areas of west Voio there are footsteps on the rock, such as that of the horse of Saint George after the forest of Pentalofos, and the footstep of saint Helias or Christ at the top of Karaouli, at Vythos. Huge human footsteps can also be seen at Hrysavgi, at the rock near the location of Kazanouli. As footsteps there are particularly large, locals attribute them to giants that lived there thousands of years ago and would leap from rock to rock.

Also, rocks all over the mountain have a very peculiar shape and color. Many of them have been sculpted by the forces of the wind, water or an old glacier in such a way that they appear to have the forms of humans, animals or monsters, as if they were carved by the hand of a dexterous artisan.

In Karaouli of Vythos, a little above the houses there is the Prosopo (Face) a rock at the center of the mountain that resembles the head of a monster. Also near Vythos, at the area of Skotomeno Nero, as we ascend from Kato Vathra to Ano Vathra, the heads of two monsters seem to protrude from the left. The first one can be seen even better from above; right over it there is the junction of the paths for Epano Vathra and Krymmeni Vathra.

Looking at mount Donti (Tooth) of Pentalofos from Vythos, the lower rock, called Mikri Grantiska, resembles a snake, while the entire mountain, as seen from above, either from the peaks of Karaouli or of Rahis tou Avgerinou, resembles an eagle with open wings, while from the square of Pentalofos the formation truly resembles a tooth.

Along the national road from Tsotyli to Pentalofos, a few meters after the turn of Agia Sotira, yet another monster face rises from the rocks exactly above the heads of the passers. In the same area, ascending the Skala tis Svolianis (Stairs of Svoliani), along the path To Taksidi tou Potamou Pramoritsa (The Journey of River Pramoritsa), if one closely examines the rocks on their right, they will spot an austere, gigantic human face half-protruding from the rocks.

Along the path Pentalofos-Dilofo, just before Profitis Ilias of Dilofo, at the peaks of mount Mpourgiannis, there is a series of steep cliffs that resemble dinosaurs and are called Teratomorfoi Vrahoi (Monster-like Rocks).

The enormous rocks with fossils are also quite impressive, located on the right of the road just before the Monastery of Agios Athanasios Zikovistis, after Damaskinia. They are placed in an array that gives an impression of boulders placed on purpose by giants. Such rocks can also be found elsewhere in Ontria.

Especially in Ontria, the steep rocks that take human forms are numerous. Northeast of Dragasia, at the dirt road ascending to location Akropoli, there is a huge rock along the rocky crest that resembles a large man, namely Hercules, who used to be worshipped here as a deity. The representation is so accurate that it leads to the conclusion that it could have been carved by a human hand. At Ontria of Zoni there are also the forms of two women and legend has it that at the years of slavery they escaped the hands of Albanians with the pretext that they would go and fill their goglets with water. When they realized there was no escape, they prayed to god and asked him to turn them into marble on the spot with their goglets on their shoulders, rather than be dishonored in the hands of the conquerors.

All these strange phenomena, the endless mysterious forests, the wild fauna, the hidden paths and the old legends make Voio seem like a very special otherworldly place, nearer the realm of fantasy and of fairy tales.

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