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The Bridge of Tsoukaris






The Bridge of Tsoukaris a 


The bridge of Tsoukaris used to connect the settlement of Rodohori with Tsotyli and the abandoned village of Rokastro. It is still used today for the crossing of agricultural machinery on the other side of river Pramoritsa. A 2-kilometer rural road leads here from the square of Rodohori.

The construction of the bridge was funded by Dimitrios Tsoukaris, an artisan from Rodohori that had emigrated to Istanbul. According to the benefactor, the construction aimed to serve everyone, even the inhabitants of remote villages of Grevena. There are reports that, before the big market of Tsotyli opened, merchants would pass through the area with their animals for two days. The precise date of its construction is not known, but it is mentioned in historical sources as early as 1890.

The bridge has 5 arches, two of which are barely discernible due to the vegetation and the sedimentations. The first arch, in which the date of construction used to be inscribed, collapsed in 1955 due to denundation in its base and was later replaced with a cement slab. The bridge’s length is 40 meters. Of its 5 arches, the second is the largest reaching 12 meters in length and 7 in height, while its width is 3 meters. It is impressive but obscure from a distance, due to the lush vegetation.

The area is called Paliomonastiro, where there was probably a castle. Large blocks from its walls have been discovered, many of which were rolled downhill to the river by villagers to build the bridge.


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