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The Galatini town

Galatini is a mountainous beautiful town built in an altitude of 1000 m. Galatini is the biggest village of the Municipality of Askio with more than 2000 inhabitants, located in an eccentric and compact structure. Galatini is inhabited from the ancient years, as it is documented from the archeological location ‘’Kastrelli’’. The inhabitants are furriers, as like in Siatista town. One of the most known customs of this area is the ‘’Dance of the Roka’’ the third day after Easter, which symbolises the leaving of men in order to work as builders in foreign countries.

The Eratira village

Eratira, the old ‘’Seltza’’, is built amphitheatrically on the foothills of Siniatsiko in a very special location. Eratira is known for its mansion houses and the church of St. George in the middle of the village, with its unique wooden temple and the old illustrations of saints. Historians referred to ancient Eratira as one of the biggest towns of the Ancient Elimia in the Macedonian period. The cave of Eratira (known as ‘’Tripa’’) is located at the eastern part of the village, in the place of ‘’Alepotripes’’. The mountain is full of small or big caves and holes, big carves which were created by the break down of the caves’ tops.

The Sisani Village

Sisani, known for the production of beans, is located in the valley which formed by Siniatsiko and Mouriki Mountains. A small river flows through the village called the Mirichos River. The accumulated aspens which literally surrounded the village are extremely beautiful. The new dam of Sisani gave the area a breathtaking artificial lake.

The Namata Village

Namata is located in an altitude of 1320 m on the slopes of Siniatsiko. The village has individually mountainous character with graphic houses and exceptional climate. Namata constitutes the nearest village to the top of the mountain and the view is unique.
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