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The Bridges of Eptahori




The Bridges of Eptahori  car 


The bridge of Eptahori connects the two neighborhoods of Village Anilio and Papalias, connecting the banks of Eptahoritiko stream, which debouches into the river Sarantaporos. Despite being quite central, no tradition or historical evidence is preserved concerning it. Even its date of construction is unknown, although it had definitely been constructed by 1900.

It is single-arched, 19 meters long, 2.2 meters wide and 5.5 meters high while its arch is 10 meters wide. It is masterfully built, with 4 iron components in its arch and carven stone.

Further up in the same stream, just outside the village, another single-arched stone bridge can be found in a location that is somewhat difficult to access, the bridge of Nakas, which is almost invisible in summer months, as it is covered in lush vegetation. In a mere 30 meter distance there used to be a similar bridge named Gefyri tou Kiratzi (bridge of Kiratzis), which collapsed in 1973. They used to connect Eptahori with Pentalofos and their names are derived from the surnames of the villagers that used to operate mills right beside them.


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