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The Bridge of Palia Kotili




The Bridge of Palia Kotili car 


In the north part of mount Voio, 2 kilometres of dirt road lead to the ruins of Palia Kotili, at an altitude of 1,200 meters. In the village, apart from the main church of Agios Giorgos, a small stone bridge is also well-preserved. The recent fire of Grammos, which made its way through here, luckily did not cause damage, unlike the abandoned houses to which it was the coup de grâce.

The single-arched bridge of Palia Kotyli was constructed in the 19th century to serve the residents’ everyday transport needs among the village’s neighborhoods. It bridges the banks of the stream that descends from the Tower. It is a few meters behind the church and is not easily discernible, due to the lush vegetation. It has been observed that a bear occasionally nests near it.


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