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The European Path E6


The European Path E6

The European path E6 begins from the Scandinavian peninsula, and crossing Europe from north to south reaches the port of Igoumenitsa. From there, it ends at mount Feggari in Samothraki. Its total length is some 6,000 km. The last 1,000 km are within Greek territory, in areas that have been chosen for their natural beauty and for the existence of large and distinct paths.

The E paths have been made in 1990 by the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing, which also undertook the difficult task of placing signs with the assistance of local mountaineering clubs. In the process, poles, square signs on trees and paint on rocks were used. The colors of European paths are yellow and black. Many excursionists from Greece and the rest of Europe have crossed it either with 4x4 vehicles or with mountain bikes, as well as by air or mountaineering.

E6 traverses almost the entire crest of mount Voio and reaches Pentalofos from Samarina via Taliaro and Zouzouli. The big path Pentalofos-Nea Kotili is part of the main body of E6 in its entirety, which continues downhill after Nea Kotili to Nestorio, to reach Kastoria and the Prespa lakes. In Pentalofos it divaricates, crossing the low hill chain of Voio along the path Vythos-Avgerinos.



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