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The Bridge of Zouzouli




The Bridge of Zouzouli car 


The downhill dirt road after Zouzouli soon leads to the stone bridge bearing the same name and the watermill of Nakis, which are both Zouzouliotiko. This is where a signaled, 40-minute path also leads, beginning from the settlement’s center. Furthermore, International path E6 passes over it on its way to Samarina from Pentalofos. The alternations of color and rock on the harsh landscape that surrounds the bridge captures the visitor’s imagination, and this is no surprise, as the area is on the threshold between the colossal Smolikas and the foot of the diverse Voio, among forests and unspoiled by human activity.

The bridge was built in 1880 in location Kazania, to connect Zouzouli, Fourka and Samarina with Pentalofos, being the most significant passage for merchants, travelers and livestock of Vlachs from Epirus to Western Macedonia. Tradition has it that its construction was funded by a mule driver from Fourka in memory of his brother who had drowned in the stream. Another version mentions that is was funded by a local squire because he was moved by the drowning of a young girl, when the troop of shepherds to which her family belonged attempted to cross the stream. The artisans that built it were from Kastaniani of Konitsa and were considered Epirus’ finest. Manthos Dimitrios from Zouzouli witnessed its foundation and has confirmed the date of construction.

It is 25 meters long, 8 meters high and its arch stretches for 15 meters.


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