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Hiking as an alternative activity


The human organism, based on its formation is made to walk more than 10 kilometers daily transporting simultaneously weight. Nowadays the people who live in the cities doubtfully cover even 1 kilometer in his daily locomotion.

Hiking is presented in the past few years as a new, alternative, safe, particularly economic and the friendliest to the environment activity, which except for the indubitable contribution in health, offers also a number of other possibilities.

Visiting a place by car, studying for it, following-up the relative documentaries and observing the photographs, offer a pleasant and beneficial pastime, however this cannot substitute the experiences of the natural presence with the ecological and cultural interest.

Through a mountainous walk, the possibility of wakening up all senses is offered. We can breathe fresh air, smell the perfume of flowers, taste the local recipes and the fruits of nature, observe beautiful landscapes and artistic masterpieces, hear the sound of running water and touch upon the live trunks of trees and cold texture of rocks. Only in this way, we will know the people of the area, be their friends, learn the history and the culture of our place and re-define our own identity. Still better, before visiting the area, is necessary to search and read relatively, in order our campaign to become more interesting.

The mountainous walk can constitute simply a small walk in the mountains around the settlements, without requiring important preparation. In this case it is enough to have the suitable shoes, mountaineering or athletic, long trousers and cardigan, because weather on the tops of the mountains is very changeable and the air in the forests is always cold. Additionally, mobile telephone and water are necessary.

Winter and summer are suggested for excursions at areas with rivers when there is plenty of water and where one can admire the beautiful stone bridges. On the contrary, the tops of mountains, is preferable, to be approached during spring until autumn, because of the meteorological conditions which are more favourable and the forests are green all around and offer images with chromatic alternations. Of course, people who love snow, select to visit the area also during winter, where the view is enchanting, however this requires suitable equipment, excellent knowledge of the area and experience.

Finally, a visiting to the mountain may be combined with a series of other actions such as photography, video, drawing, exploring, visiting of the cultural monuments, mental searching, activities for the enhancing the human body, as well as environmental education.
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