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The Askio Mountain

The Askio Mountain (either called the Siniatsiko)

This strangely naked mountain is located at the Eastern side of Voio Mountain, between Neapoli and Ptolemaida towns. The entire part belongs to Kozani Prefecture in the middle of Western Macedonia. For this reason, the view offered even from the lower peaks is amazing. The particularly bold relief, in combination with its bulge and height, make Askio one of the most impressive Greek mountains. The highest peak called ‘’Siniatsiko’’ (2111 m altitude) and its bulge is truly magnificent. When this peak is covered by snow, its form becomes individually imposing. Other high peaks are the ‘’Skakos’’ (1824m), ‘’Pirgos’’ (1517m), the ‘’Makrygianni’’ (1542m), ‘’Magoula’’ (1621m) and ‘’Skarpa’’ (1624m). In its northern part, which in contradiction to the other parts is overgrown, there is a shelter at the area called ‘’Tsilimigkas’’. The limestone bed of rocks has created outstanding, unexplored caves in Eratira and Siatista towns. Additionally, one of the most beautiful places is the plateau that is formed by the mountain at the eastern side.

Askio’s continuation at Siatista direction is the Vellia Mountain. Vellia demarcated by Siatista and Galatini and its highest peak reaches the 1763 m. Other significant peaks are Pirgos (1688 m) having a cone shape and the ‘’Trani Rachi’’ peak (1505 m). The area where Vellia meets Bourinos Mountain is the only lowland pass between Macedonia and Epirus, a fact that enhanced historical battles not only in the near past but even in ancient ages.

Askio’s continuation to Vitsi Mountain is Mouriki Mountain. Geologically, these two mountains are different regarding their rocks composition and thus their genesis. On the one hand, Askio has limestone rocks and on the other Mouriki is clearly schist and presents resemblances with Vitsi. The landscape in Mouriki changes radically. The mountain is overgrown and has smooth slopes. The major part of Mouriki belongs to the Kastoria Prefecture, and concludes near the homonym town. Substantially, Mouriki connects to Siniatsiko in the area of Vlasti, shaping the homonym plateau. Its highest peak reaches the 1703 m, whereas the lower peaks are ‘’Petra Markou’’ (1655 m), the ‘’Akonia’’ (1468m), ‘’Kastro Zota’’ (1413 m) and ‘’Goufa’’ (1285 m). The basins which are formed between these two mountains exhibits a special geomorphologic interest. Mineral water springs among rocks and mosses form natural water reservoirs, whereas little waterfalls carve the stones giving amazing formulations. Forests with mixed vegetation of firs and many kinds of deciduous trees prevails in this area.
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